Circle Update 2.1.3: Sample accurate modulation, crisper fonts, bug fixes. / Gavin Burke on June 26th


We’re delighted to have a new Circle update ready for download. You know the drill!

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Change-log since 2.1.2:

Implemented new host timeline sync for modulations. This is enabled by turning on “host timeline sync” on the bottom bar “settings” page.

Fixed random crash in Live 10.

Defaults to “My Sounds” bank when saving a new preset.

Fixed automation not being recorded in Live and Pro Tools.

Fixed issue with host buffer sizes not being multiples of 32 causing crackles ( found in FL Studio 20 ).

Increased font size on preset display and other interface tweaks. Fonts now render crisper on macOS and Windows.

Fixed crash when sometimes adjusting the delay time in the bottom panel.

Fixed issue with a pitched hum coming from the noise channel of the mixer, this was apparent when the noise module was off, but the mixer channel volume for the noise was not set to zero.

Fixed timing display of arpeggiator, in previous versions the readout was incorrect when displaying BPM synced rates (eg. “2xbpm” was in reality “4xbpm” etc).

Fixed load error in Pro Tools 2018.

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