New SubLab XL Update: 1.0.4

Another SubLab XL update is here! We've got a new Noise FX module and lots more 👀

How to download the update.

From FAW: 

If you purchased SubLab XL directly from our online shop, you can login to your FAW Account and access the latest installers under the downloads tab.

From Plugin Boutique:

The new installers are available in your Plugin Boutique account.

New Noise FX.

This brand new effect module offers 10 different noise flavors to layer some texture onto your 808s and subs. You can also pan the noise to the left/right to create more space to your subs.

🔑 A nice sound design trick is to add the Noise before Distortion.

New Waveshaper type.

On the Waveshaper effect module, we’ve added a new Wavefolder option.

🔑 It’s great for adding harmonics to your subs!

Optimize X-Sub Phase setting.

Make your subs sound louder with one button ✨

When this new setting is turned on, we phase shift X-Sub’s sub-bass tones in relation to the Synth engine to optimize perceived loudness and eliminate possible phase cancellation issues.

🔑 This is not a global setting – it’s per-preset. Meaning, if you turn it on it will only be applied to the preset you’re on.

🔑 Read more about how this setting optimizes your subs here.

Improvements & Bug Fixes.

  • added: phase align engines setting. You can experiment with this setting if you’re having phase alignment issues between your imported samples and X-Sub.
  • fixed: X-Sub was running out of phase with the Synth engine. This happened when pitch modulation was applied to the Synth.
  • improved: hard-reset mode performance. When enabled, it shouldn’t click as loudly when a new note resets the phase of each of the engines. However, we still recommend using First note restart as the phase reset mode.
  • added: the ability to import folders of samples. Just drag in a folder and it will be imported with the folder name appearing a submenu in the samples list.
  • added: Windows 7 support. This requires a couple extra steps so please reach out to support if you need help with a Windows 7 machine.
  • improved: GUI performance in Logic X.
  • various optimizations

If you need to contact FAW Support please use the chat “help” box in our Help Center to submit a support request.

If you’ve got a feature request or you’ve found a bug, join the discussion on our Community Page.

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