Your SubLab XL FAQs answered

We're covering the most common questions about SubLab XL.

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Without further ado…

How much does SubLab XL cost?

If you already own SubLab, you can upgrade to SubLab XL for $20.00.
If you don’t own SubLab, you can grab SubLab XL for the early adopter price of $50.00.

I got SubLab from Plugin Boutique; how can I get the special upgrade price?

You can get the upgrade via Plugin Boutique here.

Will SubLab XL replace SubLab when it’s installed?

Nope. SubLab and SubLab XL are separate instruments and will appear as two different VSTs in your DAW. So, if you have projects saved on your computer with SubLab, no changes will be made even if you install SubLab XL.

Are the same presets in SubLab and SubLab XL?

No! SubLab XL has entirely new bass packs and presets; 9 bass packs with over 100 new presets ✨

Can you use SubLab presets in SubLab XL?

Yes! All SubLab presets are compatible with SubLab XL 🙏
That means you can import all SubLab factory packs, expansion packs, and your own custom sounds into XL.

What’s the difference between SubLab and SubLab XL?

Well, pretty much everything! We’ve still got the Synth/Sampler/X-Sub™ foundation but here are just a few of the new things you’ll find in SubLab XL:

  • All new Bass Packs; 9 brand new packs including over 100 new presets.
  • Modulation; modulate two parameters at a time, 18 routing options, with sine, triangle, saw, square and noise wave forms.
  • New mix and match FX; more Distortion flavors, Bitcrusher, Tape, Waveshaper and the classic Compressor with side-chain which can be layered up and re-ordered to totally switch up your sound.
  • Super Oscillator to make all kinds of layered-up subs in seconds; supersaw Mike Dean basses, subtle moog-y subs, and everything in between.

To take a closer look at all the new features, check out the walkthrough videos and tutorials we’ve compiled here.

Why make subs/808s in SubLab XL instead of another synth like Serum or Vital?

This is really just a matter of personal preference more than anything else! Of course, you can make a sub-bass or 808 with just about any synth or stock plugin.

General purpose synths like Serum are great sound design tools, no doubt! But sometimes, having so much at your fingertips can get in the way. For example, when you need to quickly put together a banger sub in a session, do you need 93 distortion and other FX options? Certainly not. Want to get creative with your sub or push your sound in a new direction? Experimenting with hundreds of controls will take a lot longer and still might not result in the sub you had in mind.

SubLab XL is a super dialed-in and focused tool. Every effect, setting, and sound design option is present because it sounds excellent with subs and 808s. There’s no filler here! If it’s useful for creating a cool and powerful sub-bass, we’ve included it. If it’s not useful for that purpose, you won’t find it here.

Plus there are certain things in SubLab XL that you just will not find in other synths or stock plugin; like the psychoacoustic sauce in our X-Sub™ engine. You get punchy subs on every speaker (no, slapping on some distortion cannot do that) and dialed-in harmonics in seconds. Gone are the days of the feeble 808 thump through the iPhone speaker.

Is SubLab XL NKS compatible?

Not yet – but it will be soon! NKS compatibility will be added in an update shortly.

Okay, that’s it for now! Do you have a question that wasn’t covered in this post? Comment below and I’ll answer 👇

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