Meet SubLab XL

Take a closer look at all the new features and sounds of SubLab XL. Watch our favorite walkthrough and sound design YouTube videos thus far.

After the incredible response to SubLab, our hyper-focused 808 and sub-bass synth, we received tons of requests for new features. Since SubLab is a dedicated 808 tool (and always will be!) we decided to create SubLab XL and bust open the possibilities for new sounds and genres.

So, in this blog post I’m going to introduce you to SubLab XL and highlight some great YouTube features – let’s go!

What’s New?

Well, pretty much everything!

All new Bass Packs; 9 brand new packs including over 100 new presets.

Each preset is mapped to our new Macro Page to easily experiment with sounds without breaking your flow. You can set your own macro parameters as well.

Modulation has entered the chat! We received a lot of requests for this one. Modulate two parameters at a time, 18 routing options, with sine, triangle, saw, square and noise wave forms. Wobbles and wubs are now a thing.

Mix and match your FX – we’ve added new FX which can be layered up and re-ordered to totally switch up your sound; more Distortion flavors, Bitcrusher, Tape, Waveshaper and the classic Compressor with side-chain.

Without a doubt, our new Super Oscillator is the real crown jewel of SubLab XL. Make all kinds of layered-up subs in seconds; supersaw Mike Dean basses, subtle moog-y subs, and everything in between.

Check out these walkthrough videos and tutorials to see SubLab XL in action.

YouTube Roundup 🤠

Take a closer look at our new Super Oscillator in I’M A MUSIC MOGUL’s rundown of SubLab XL ⬇️

Check out Mr. Different’s walkthrough and first impression of SubLab XL ⬇️

HollywoodFloss really takes his time previewing a bunch of our new presets in his walkthrough ⬇️

Ruben at Ghostplayer gives a great breakdown of SubLab XL and wraps it up by designing a gritty, dark sub from scratch ⬇️

Here, This Is Onesto does a nice preset preview and sound design session. The side by side comparisons here really show what each feature does. There’s even a little bit of wobble in this one ⬇️

Check out Ave Mcree’s walkthrough and hear a preview of his pack which will be released with the first SubLab XL update ⬇️

So next up we’re going to be covering some FAQs about SubLab XL! Do you have any questions? Drop them below and we’ll answer them in the next post 👇

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