Circle 2.1.2 is here, with new presets and more! / Hugh on April 26th

Hey folks, today is a great day - Spring is here, and so is Circle 2.1.2!

The update contains a brand new bank, Analog 2018, where you’ll find 20 rich, multilayered presets which reimagine the retro sounds of the past, bringing them firmly into the present (and beyond). The bank was designed by Tokyo resident C. Shinya, AKA World Bro Sound, whose clear master touch is owed to a championing of Circle since its original release in 2008.

Alongside the new presets we’ve added several new improvements to let you access presets more easily…

- Filter by bank using the top preset browser.
- Keep track of the presets you use most by using the new ‘favourites’ section.
- Simply drag-and-drop folders into the bank browser to add new presets to Circle.

Favourites Screenshot

The update also includes various bugfixes and stability improvements, so make sure to update to enjoy a sturdier version of Circle in your music today.

Last of all, thanks again to the Circle beta testing group, whose efforts we continue to appreciate sincerely. If you’d like to gain access to pre-release versions of Circle, join the community and say hi, any time. We don’t bite!

Download Now For Mac
Download Now For Windows

- Added new ‘Analog 2018′ preset bank
- Fixed sample rate pitch change issue when not running at 44.1kHz
- Fixed crash in Pro Tools
- Fixed occasional silent preset load
- Fixed folder permissions issue on OSX
- Filter by bank in the top preset browser
- Drag and drop in new banks
- ‘Favourite’ presets section added

2 Responses to “Circle 2.1.2 is here, with new presets and more!”

  1. 1 / johnathan / May 4th at 3:24 am

    Nice update, presets are pure fire.

  2. 2 / Tom Peterson / May 4th at 7:48 am

    Whohooo! Lets check it out. Thanks guys!

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