Circle 2.1 is ready for download! / Gavin Burke on January 8th

Circle 2.1 Ready

We’re delighted to announce that work on the next major Circle update (2.1) is now complete. We’d like to thank all our beta testers on in helping make this the fastest, most stable and simply best release of Circle thus far.

Stay tuned for more updates to Circle in the coming weeks!

Here are the download links:
Start OSX Download
Start Windows Download

Change Log:
- Fixed automation issues on both OS-X and PC
- Replaced all pop-up windows with new designs.
- Re-design of the activation flows.
- Fixed random crash in arpeggiator.
- Fixed random crash when assigning midi controllers to parameters.
- Fixed processor spikes when automating parameters.
- Revised the included factory preset bank.
- Added new presets to factory bank.
- Update parameter system so presets load faster
- Reduced GUI load times.
- Fixed Issue with Circle not seeing install folder, presets etc on Mac OS-X High Sierra.
- Fixed issue with some presets sounding silent, due to reverb not initialising correctly.
- Fixed crash when removing Circle from a track in Ableton Live 9.0 and 10.0.
- Fixed issue with Step Sequencer going out of sync with the host.
- Updated internal framework to JUCE 5.1.
- Added vector optimisations to the filter and cable connections.
- Fixed issue with sample rate not being set correctly in standalone.
- Fixed issue with BPM not being set correctly in standalone.
- Fixed issue with setup Midi controllers not being saved in standalone.
- Fixed issue with the velocity of the onscreen keyboard always being full velocity.
- Fixed an issue with automation freezing the host if active when you change a preset.
- Fixed a crash when you’re in midi learn mode assigning/un-assigning the same parameter multiple times.
- Fixed issue with installer not overwriting old plug-ins and standalone on OSX.
- Reduced the demo nag noise volume and the length of time it sounds.
- Fixed a crash when in midi learn mode and assigning/un-assigning the same parameter multiple times.

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