Circle² x Academy 303 (Barcelona) / Hugh on May 9th

Due to its demystifying interface and instantly accessible workflow, Circle² is renowned within music tech educational circles as being one of the most effective synthesis teaching tools. We spoke to Jesus Del Cerro - who heads up the Academy 303 music tech school in Barcelona - about how their students use Circle² to become synthesis experts.

Academy 303

Firstly, please can you tell us a bit about yourself and Academy 303.

Academy 303 is the only Ableton Certified Training Center in central Barcelona. We offer a wide range of personalized music tech and production classes in both English and Spanish, catering to all levels of ability. We normally limit our class sizes to 5 students - this enables our students to receive a lot of personal tuition - we’re proud that this means our students tend to learn fast and thoroughly.

In addition to Ableton live, we offer many specialized courses in different techniques tools and musical styles. Our mission is to provide training to a professional standard, so you can develop your creativity and turn your passion for music into a profession.

Academy 303

How do you use Circle² at Academy 303?

We use Circle² to teach synthesis in all of our Ableton Basic / Pro courses. We love the minimal interface and unmatchable visual feedback that Circle² provides - having tried almost everything on the market, whether it’s for beginners or experts, we feel that Circle² is the best synthesizer for teaching and learning. It’s amazing how fast our students become familiar with complex modulation - the possibilities are infinite!

In which ways does Circle² work particularly well as a tool for learning synthesis?

The concepts of modulation are very easy to understand using Circle², due to simple the drag and drop routing options, alongside the visual feedback / single pane user interface. Furthermore, the analog and wavetable oscillator possibilities are massive, meaning many different styles of sound can be achieved.

Academy 303

The world of synthesis can be quite daunting at first, do you have any tips for those just starting out?

Always keep experimenting and don’t stop having fun! Sometimes the best realizations come from happy accidents, so never be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to synthesis.

Thanks for your time, Jesus!

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