Circle² Future Sounds: Gqom / Hugh on January 12th

* All non percussive elements in this track were generated using presets contained in Circle² Future Sounds: Gqom.

As part of our Future Sounds series and following on from our recent Gqom and Music Tech with Emo-Kid SA feature, we’ve put together a new pack of Gqom inspired presets.

Gqom is a heavily percussive musical style so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the rhythmic style of the genre if you’re going to have a go at producing it. Bass synths are typically, deep, repetitive drone style sounds that surround the kick drum to provide low end tonal body. Sharp synth stabs and more dissonant synthesized FX are then used to add further decoration in the higher frequency bands.

Download the pack below, it contains all the elements you need to make a Gqom banger!

Circle² Future Sounds: Gqom

1. Deep G Power Bass
2. Drone Depth Filler
3. Sea Bed Chord
4. Mystery Chord
5. Flute Robot Lead
6. Vibrato Pluck Lead

Download the preset expansion

To install the presets, just unzip and paste the folder “Future Sounds - UK Gqom″ in here:

OSX - Application Support > FAW > Circle-2 > Presets
Windows - Program Files > FAW > Circle2 > Presets

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