Studio Focus: Eduardo de la Calle / Hugh on October 15th


For our readers who are not familiar with you yet, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I have been a DJ / producer since 1992. I opened my first record shop in the early 90s and since have been really happy with how my path progressed! After more than 100 vinyl releases I am still here - motivated and inspired. Being a professional DJ has given me the opportunity to travel worldwide on stop, and I always appreciate that life has given me this challenge.

What is your current studio set up?

My studio is really simple. I have 3 MPC 500 AKAI units and some synths - Yamaha, Alesis, Nord and Korg to name a few. I sample all around, then send everything through a Mackie desk into ProTools.

When working on a track, what is your process?

I don’t necessarily have the same system for every track. It all depends on many factors, mainly my current state of consciousness. The main part of my daily studio session is creating a main loop, which I then decorate slowly until the track is finished.

I follow the same system as Miles David and Coltrane did with “Kind of Blue”, so recording a main loop followed by improvisation… I love jazz.

How do you normally go about sourcing and designing sounds for your music?

I get sounds from everywhere: rhythm machines, synths, funk records, jazz records, microphones - everything works!

If you experience a creative block in the studio, do you have any particular rituals that get the inspiration flowing again?

I meditate by chanting Indian mantras for 2 hours in the early morning every day. After this I always feel harmonised and ready to go!

Mixing down can often be frustrating when starting out in production, what advice would you give for getting tracks ready for the club?

I record everything on DAT tapes and send them to my engineer, who then mixes down and creates the analog premaster. He has a Shadow Hill Equinox among other stuff. After this we send for master processing ready for vinyl cutting.

What’s up next for you, any releases in the pipeline?

I have some new records coming on Boddika’s UK label NON PLUS, and 4 forthcoming releases on SHIFT FUNCTION.

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