Circle² Future Sounds: Chicago House / Hugh on June 27th

* All non percussive elements in this track are generated using Circle² Future Sounds: Chicago House.

Chicago is widely accepted as the birthplace of house music, and clubs / radio all over the world continue to breathe the signature sounds of 1980s Chicago to this day. Originally, analog synthesisers and hardware drum machines were the tools of the trade, but luckily today we can achieve similar results using software.

We have developed a bank of sounds inspired by this time in house music’s evolution. Alongside the presets we have also included a demo track, with the associated project file, audio stems and midi files we used in its creation, so you can pick apart the elements in order to understand the production techniques and be inspired! 

Download the pack below, it contains all the elements you need to make a grooving Chicago house style banger. We recommend tape saturating your master slightly and using these presets alongside swung Roland TR909 drum samples to get that real old school Chicago sound.

Circle² Future Sounds: Chicago House

1. Chi Bass
2. Deepchord
3. Rhodes Like
4. Strung
5. Vibes Chord

Download the expansion

Download the project files

To install the presets, just unzip and paste the folder “Future Sounds - Chicago House″ in here:

OSX - Application Support > FAW > Circle-2 > Presets
Windows - Program Files > FAW > Circle2 > Presets

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  1. 1 / Takayuki Minami / July 29th at 7:40 pm

    Thank you for another update. I’m a computer programmer. I will try to create a software as nice as circle2, thank you.

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