Circle² Future Sounds: UK Dubstep / Hugh on April 25th

* All non percussive elements in this track were generated using Circle² Future Sounds: Dubstep Vol.1

Circle² Future Sounds is our new series in which we explore the sounds behind genres from around the globe. In our first instalment, we take a look at the origins of Dubstep in the UK. Dubstep is a genre that primarily grew out out of the dark underground of the ever more commercially leaning UK garage scene in the mid 2000s. It also drew heavily on the lineage of drum and bass, jungle, dub and reggae. Now sometimes associated with harsh mid range and stadium performances, dubstep originally began as a deep and contemplative musical style.

We have developed a bank of sounds inspired by these earlier origins of dubstep’s evolution. Alongside the presets we have also included a demo track, with the associated project file, audio stems and midi files we used in its creation, so you can pick apart the elements and understand the production techniques synonymous with UK Dubstep!

Download the pack below, it contains all the elements you need to make a deep, dark dubstep banger.

Circle² Future Sounds: UK Dubstep

1. Asia Pluck
2. Dynamic Tension Atmos
3. Shaped White Lead
4. Swollen Bass
5. Wobbling Bass
6. Wobbling Bass 2

Download the expansion

Download the project files

To install the presets, just unzip and paste the folder “Future Sounds - UK Dubstep″ in here:

OSX - Application Support > FAW > Circle-2 > Presets
Windows - Program Files > FAW > Circle2 > Presets

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