Circle² is here! / Gavin Burke on March 27th

Circle² is now available for download.

Circle² is a free upgrade for existing Circle users. You can simply use your existing Activation code and Circle² will move from demo mode to fully featured.

Circle²’s price for new users is €99.00/$129.00.

Facebook page or Twitter feed for more info.

Get ready to say hello to Circle².

8 Responses to “Circle² is here!”

  1. 1 / johnjohn / June 13th at 2:23 pm

    I’m looking forward to having it working under Protools 11 again, interface is definitely nice, can’t wait to see more new features though

  2. 2 / JollyMusic / June 13th at 2:48 pm

    Hope you get the Windows permission issue fixed that makes the current Circle unusable without turning off Internet connectivity.

  3. 3 / johnjohn / June 13th at 3:26 pm

    Circle² = Circle Squared


  4. 4 / torihori / August 3rd at 12:24 pm

    Not yet?

  5. 5 / Fernando Lins / November 3rd at 9:07 pm

    Is this still being developed? Is there a release date? I’d like to buy Circle but I want to make sure it will be supported and updated.

  6. 6 / Lev / November 29th at 7:34 pm

    Hi !

    before than any I must say knowing and owning Circle was really good. A clean, intuitive, good-looking user-interface with a very nice sounding synth-engine.

    It’s just that at some point, appears like this software is near impossibly to update, first to go for 64-bit, now for just ONE more oscilator type with a “new” user-interface. Anyway, maybe there had been enough time to fully rewrite it, in the way it has to be: both portable and optimized, going for a KISS aproach.

    You have a great soft-synth, with already cautive market. So here is my advice: Take a breath. Start practicing meditation. Begin the REWIRITING of the synth-engine using plain C++, soon after begin this, you will have interface classes that will be used to implement a User-Interface as well as the required VST/AU plugins.

    Well, just a saturday morning comment. Keeping Cool, ok!

  7. 7 / GavinFAW / March 26th at 5:48 pm


    Circle² is being released next week.

    We are currently in the final stages of beta testing and updating the website for the launch.


  8. 8 / Peter Hosen / March 27th at 6:39 pm

    Can’t wait for the release next week!

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