Circle 1.1.8 Beta OSX & Windows Ready For Download / Gavin Burke on June 3rd

Circle 1.1.8 Beta ready

We have a new beta of Circle ready for testing on OS-X & Windows

Fixes in 1.1.8 Beta:

- Midi Controller assignments were not being saved or displayed in the bottom panel.

- A change in the latest version of Window 8 meant that activation was no longer working.

- Circle AAX should be recognised and load ok inside Protools 11 on OS-X.

Download Link:
Circle Beta 1.1.8 OS-X Beta 4

Circle Beta 1.1.8 Windows Beta 4

11 Responses to “Circle 1.1.8 Beta OSX & Windows Ready For Download”

  1. 1 / MirkyWater / June 6th at 4:15 pm

    Nice to see the beta ready!

  2. 2 / Martin B / June 7th at 11:13 pm

    I have the AAX plug in the right place but it’s not being seen by ProTools 11 OS X. PT sees it on startup, pauses for a moment, and keeps loading the rest of my installation. It’s nowhere to be found in the plugin lists.

  3. 3 / SK / June 12th at 4:00 pm

    Circle is not display in the plug-in list (instruments) on ProTools11.

  4. 4 / Greg Killmaster / July 11th at 3:59 pm

    Link is bad for me.

  5. 5 / Wayne Khin / July 14th at 3:02 am

    I did not know it was beta :-). After purchasing then I realised that. The Plugin is loaded in the Pro Tools 11. However, it was no where to be found in the Pro Tools 11.

    Also, as long as the plugin file is in the AAX plugin folder, Pro Tools 10 will hang at “DAE Loaded” page at the startup process.

    Pro Tools 10 will start normally as long as I remove the Circle plugin from the AAX plugin folder.

    Hope to get the working copy soon.


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