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Image Line Remote App For Circle² Hugh on March 2nd

FL Studio users! Deftivity International have kindly released a free Image Line Remote template, so you can control Circle² from your phone or tablet.
Head over to their website to download the template.

Circle² Synthesis Tutorial Series, Vol. 1: Future Pop Hugh on July 28th

Following on from the release of our first free Circle² preset expansion pack last month, we would like to present the first volume of The Circle² Synthesis Tutorial Series on our YouTube channel.
Over the course of these 6 videos we guide you through the sound design process for each preset in the expansion pack, […]

Learning to Design Sounds with Circle² Hugh on May 20th

Some of you may have followed the Circle sound design tutorials that have been on our website for the past few years. We’ve now updated these tutorials for Circle² and are presenting them in the form of a video series (just over an hour and fifteen minutes in total length). The tutorial playlist can now […]

Free Circle Sounds: Eclipse by ProximaIV Gavin Burke on December 30th

From Sun-Ra to Pink Flyod, musicians have been looking to the heavens for inspiration in their music. Sound designers also have been inspired, realizing its lonely beauty in sound, through atmospheric electronic evolving sounds. We are happy to present this free bank of space inspired sounds to you, designed by Proxima IV.
Download link:
Eclipse Circle Bank […]

Controlling Circle With Microsoft Kinect Part I Gavin Burke on October 1st

When Microsoft first released the Kinect, Matt Webb, CEO of Berg London, captured the sense of possibility that had so many programmers, hardware hackers and engineers excited: “WW II and ballistics gave us digital computers. Cold War decentralization gave us the Internet. Terrorism and mass surveillance: Kinect”. In the first part of a new tutorial […]

Free Pro-One Analog Sounds For Circle Gavin Burke on November 30th

This month Future Audio Workshop went retro, as we dusted down the original Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesiser that we used to model Circle’s filter section and went about recreating the original factory patches which were contained in the original Pro-One owners manual. This process involved first creating a patch on the Pro-One, analyzing the sound […]

CDR Berlin with Gavin Burke & Mike Huckaby Gavin Burke on November 9th

CDR is a platform for the airing of new ideas, works in progress, unreleased songs, remixes and edits in a soundsystem oriented environment. You can bring along your tracks on the night and can listen to them played back on a club sound sound.
This month, Gavin will be doing a sound design workshop, follow […]

Future Music In The Studio With UMEK and Circle. Gavin Burke on October 26th

Techno legend UMEK shows how to create a bassline using Circle’s phase changeable LFOs. It’s that easy!

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