Testing Circle on Function-One sound-system… / Gavin Burke on April 18th

Circle Tuning

Last week, we got out of the office and spent some time testing Circle on a Function-One sound system. Function-One systems are installed in some of the worlds leading clubs, such as Berghain here in Berlin. This testing allowed us to get a better picture of how Circle’s algorithms sound in a live club environment.

Circle 1.1.7 Beta OSX Ready For Download / Gavin Burke on April 17th

Circle 1.1.7 Beta

We have a new beta of Circle ready for testing on OS-X, Windows to follow tomorrow.

Fixes in 1.1.7:

- Audio and midi settings are now correctly saved. When you now relaunch Circle having previously made changes to the audio and midi settings, the settings are recalled correctly.

- An error in the version numbering was causing audio unit evaluation was failing. This is now fixed.

- Tweaks to the fonts and text colour on the audio/midi settings page.

- Host BPM sync works again.

Download Link:
Circle Beta 1.1.7 OS-X

Circle Beta 1.1.7 Windows

Circle on SoundCloud / Gavin Burke on April 14th

We now have a playlist of tracks that contain Circle on SoundCloud. Great to see the diversity of the styles of music and the different ways people are using it.

Free Circle Sounds: Eclipse by ProximaIV / Gavin Burke on December 30th

Circle Eclipse Bank

From Sun-Ra to Pink Flyod, musicians have been looking to the heavens for inspiration in their music. Sound designers also have been inspired, realizing its lonely beauty in sound, through atmospheric electronic evolving sounds. We are happy to present this free bank of space inspired sounds to you, designed by Proxima IV.

Download link:
Eclipse Circle Bank by Proxima IV

Install Instructions:
Copy unzipped folder to the “Presets” folder in the Circle installation directory on your hard drive.
Copy the contents of the unzipped “Wavetables” folder to the “Wavetables” folder in the Circle installation directory.

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Circle & OSX Mavericks / Gavin Burke on December 30th

Circle Mavericks

Circle is currently experiencing issues with Activation under OSX Mavericks, where by once you enter your activation code, the error “Invalid Activation File” is displayed. We have issued a beta version with a fix for this, available for download from here:


We will continue beta testing over the coming days and once we are happy that the issue is fixed will will release the full 1.1.3 version. Please send any further issues found into us at via our support system: support@futureaudioworkshop.com

Artist Focus: Nikola Gala / Gavin Burke on August 9th

Nikola Gala

For our readers who are not familiar with you yet, can you tell us a bit
about what you do?

My real name is Nikolaos Galatsopoulos, I am 33 years old and I am
Greek. I produce music since 1998, mainly dance music, usually Techno and
House for the last decade. I have worked with labels such as Ibadan
Records, Plastic City, Rekids, Freerange and Octopus Records.

What inspired you first to start making electronic music?

The electronic music it self, I was around 15 when I listened to
Prodigy’s first album and I remember it sounded very fresh to me and
immediately that sound captured me, later it was Jungle, Drum’n’Bass and
Trance music. I was already a computer geek and I found out a program
called “Fast Tracker 2“ which was quite easy to start making music with
it, it didn’t require you to have lots of knowledge, so I did my first
steps with it.

How does this translate to your music, is it an influence?

I can’t say Prodigy is an influence to me any more, but certainly music
on it’s own is the biggest influence to me since I started.

Tell us about your studio setup?

Really simple,I prefer to work “in the box”,but still I have a couple of
synths on my desk like my old “Nord Rack 1“ and a Virus Ti2, other than
these I work with a few Vst plugins from Native Instruments. Lately I
started using 2 vst synths Circle and Aalto, which are both great and I
feel I can do full tracks with just the two of them. My DAW is Ableton
Live v9 and I work with PC, desktop and laptop. I also use an RME Fireface
800 as an audio interface which is connected to my Yamaha HS80M speakers.

When writing a track, what is your process? ( do you program drums
first? Do you sit down at a set time and say “Now I’m making a track” or
spontaneously rush to a your studio…)

A little bit of everything I would say, usually I go to my home studio
daily,I work with a template in Live which has already loaded some of my
favourite drums,soft synths and around 5-8 busses.When I am running out
of ideas I listen to some tracks from my dj bag and I try to copy (or
some times sample) ideas/groove/sounds from them which will eventually
lead to something new.

Do you follow the latest developments in music technology?

Absolutely, I visit blogs and forums daily, also I follow some very
interesting Youtube channels.

What are the biggest issues you have with music technology (if any)?

I have no reason to complain,there’s so much great stuff out there and
every now and then new stuff pops out,either hardware or software,maybe
a small problem I have is that with so many plugins
(commercial/freeware) out there I find it very tough to limit my self by
using only a few of them and so my work flow is constantly
changing(which is good and bad at the same time), I am trying not to
install new plugins but they keep coming, companies and developers never
stop. But please don’t stop, surprise us!

Circle and Logic X / Gavin Burke on August 7th

Circle & Logic X

With the latest release of Logic X, Apple have finally dropped 32 bit support inside their flagship music application. The good news is that latest Circle beta works with Logic X, so you should be up and running right after you install from the latest beta version from here:


We recommend to backup any of your Circle presets prior to installing this version, as it is still a beta release. We plan on having a fully tested and verified version in the next week.


CircumVation Presets Bank Preview… / Gavin Burke on June 21st

Upcoming commercial sound bank for Circle, CircumVation, preview from YouTube.

Webstore back online! / Gavin Burke on January 26th

Our webstore is back online and also the webcert is working correctly.


Webstore is currently offline… / Gavin Burke on January 19th

As of last Thursday (19/01/2013), we have been experiencing an issue with our webstore and thus it is currently offline while we work on upgrading it.

In the meantime if you would like to purchase Circle you can do so via Paypal, just send a request through to support@futureaudioworkshop.com and we will process your order…


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