YouTube Channel Roundup

Our favorite music production channels ?

Here’s a short list of our favorite music production channels and characters right now. Expect a good mix of technical tips and humor.

Mr. Bill  ✨??‍♂️?

Certified Ableton Live Wizard, accomplished artist, and Deadmau5 collaborator.

This is the channel for serious Ableton heads looking for in depth technical information.

Based Gutta ???

If you enjoy sardonic humor and hip hop production tutorials you’ll find this heady combination in full swing with Based Gutta.

Synthhacker  ??‍???

Tom is a sound designer and YouTube educator.

Check his channel for Massive tutorials galore.

BusyWorksBeats ????

Busy’s channel is a gold mine of trap, vocal productionmusic theory, and Fruity Loops tutorials! 

Plus, he recently used Circle² for his One Plugin Challenge.

Andrew Huang 〰️??〰️

You’ll find production and music theory tips, including this gem which perfectly illustrates FM Synthesis, alongside his comical and bizarre music challenges.

Music Production Tutorials ??‍??? 

Previously an instructor and course developer for the Point Blank Music School in London, Danny focuses in on producing House music using Ableton, Bitwig, and Logic Pro.

Multiplier ?〰️➰

Adam leans into the more aggressive side of electronic music and synthesis.

His channel is full of tutorials on general music production, gear advice, and software reviews.

Red Means Recording ???

This one goes out to all the OP-1 heads out there!

Shout out to Jeremy for bringing the laughs and all the funk.

Drop your favorite music production videos in the comments! They might find their way into our next Roundup ?.

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