New SubLab XL Update: 1.0.2

Another SubLab XL update is here! Check out what's new and improved.

How to download the update.

From FAW: 

If you purchased SubLab XL directly from our online shop, you can login to your FAW Account and access the latest installers under the downloads tab.

From Plugin Boutique:

The new installers will be available in your Plugin Boutique account in a few days.

Improvements & Bug Fixes.

  • compatible with the new Ventura macOS
  • fixed: installer no longer overwrites your favorite presets and settings
  • added setting which allows you to turn on/off pitch bend and glide for x-sub
  • fixed: bug in 1.0.1 where zero crossing on samples didn’t work correctly
  • fixed: an issue where the synth engine’s scope sometimes displayed weird waves if you kept playing notes while quickly changing presets
  • various optimizations

If you need to contact FAW Support please use the chat “help” box in our Help Center to submit a support request.

If you’ve got a feature request or you’ve found a bug, join the discussion on our Community Page.

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