Latest SubLab Update!

What's new and improved in our biggest update yet.

We’re working nonstop on SubLab and this 1.1.2 update introduces many new features and improvements based on your feedback.

If you’re a kit-maker we’ve got good news – you can now sample a note directly inside SubLab and drag out the audio file.

Here’s what’s new and improved 👇 keep scrolling to see how to get the update.

New features, updates and improvements.

1. Record a sample of the note you play

On the top bar of SubLab, we’ve added a new “Sample” button.

When you click this button, SubLab will record the next note you play from start to finish.

Once it’s recorded you can drag-and-drop the audio file directly into your DAW audio channel or into another sampler.

The name of the note you played will automatically be added to the name of the file so you always know the root note of your audio file.

This feature is great for anyone who builds kits and wants to include some custom SubLab sounds in a kit.

2. Zoom in/out on your Sample

Another popular request was to zoom in/out of a sample.

Now, you can zoom in to your sample for extra precision while setting the loop start and end points which is especially useful for longer samples.

It’s pretty easy – just hover over the sample and when the magnifier cursor appears, click down. Then drag up to zoom in and drag down to zoom out. You can also scroll along the sample.

3. FL Studio Sequencer Mode

FL studio gang this feature is for you!

Do you use the sequencer? Then go to the top menu and click “FL Studio Sequencer Mode” to turn it on.

By default, SubLab will now play all the notes that come in from FL Studio’s sequencer and shift them down to the bass octave.

Improved Tuning Control.

Global Tuning and Sampler.

We’ve added a new global tuning control – you can find it under the “glide” popup in the bottom left corner of SubLab.

Global tuning is also automatable, so you can draw in automation curves for glides between notes.

On the sampler, you can now (finally!) tune samples while tracking is turned off.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements.

  • Velocity sensitivity is now a global setting which you can find in the top bar settings menu
  • Fixed issue with Pro Tools where some notes were hanging
  • Updated links on the about page
  • Corrected import sample folder default file name

How to download the update.

From Plugin Boutique:

Plugin Boutique has the new installers available on their site.

Please login to your Plugin Boutique account here to download the new installer.

You can find more info about downloading updates from Plugin Boutique here.

From FAW:

If you purchased SubLab directly from our online shop then please login to your FAW account here.

Once you’ve logged in, click on your Downloads tab. From there you can download the latest version of SubLab by clicking the yellow button for Windows or macOS.

Side note: you will see that the ‘downloads’ number goes down when you download the update. Do not worry – you have unlimited SubLab downloads. We reset the downloads limit each time an update is released. If you ever do run out just shoot us an email and we’ll reset it for you any time.

If you have any questions about SubLab, head over to our Support Page.

If you’ve got a feature request or you’ve found a bug, join the discussion on our Community Page.