Latest SubLab Update!

What's new and improved in our 1.1.3 update.

We’re working nonstop on SubLab and this 1.1.3 update introduces the following improvements based on your feedback.

Here’s what’s new and improved – keep scrolling to see how to get the update.

New features, updates and improvements.

macOS Catalina compatibility

Good news for Mac users – SubLab is now fully compatible with macOS Catalina.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements.

  • updated the AAX version to the latest SDK provided by AVID to fix some hanging note issues for Pro Tools users
  • fixed a bug where SubLab was not re-triggering correctly in Logic
  • added ability to kill all playing notes
  • improvements to activation method
  • fixed problem where NKS presets were not being imported correctly
  • fixed export of sound pack, which was causing a crash under some circumstances

How to download the update.

From Plugin Boutique:

Please login to your Plugin Boutique account here to download the new installer.

You can find more info about downloading updates from Plugin Boutique here.

From FAW:

If you purchased SubLab directly from our online shop then please login to your FAW account here.

Once you’ve logged in, click on your Downloads tab. From there you can download the latest version of SubLab by clicking the yellow button for Windows or macOS.

Side note: you will see that the ‘downloads’ number goes down when you download the update. Do not worry – you have unlimited SubLab downloads. We reset the downloads limit periodically. If you ever do run out just submit a request on our Support Page and we’ll reset it for you any time.

If you have any questions about SubLab, head over to our Support Page.

If you’ve got a feature request or you’ve found a bug, join the discussion on our Community Page.