SubLab Update News

What's new and improved with each SubLab update.

Since we released SubLab we’ve been busy gathering your feature suggestions and making improvements.

Here are all the improvements we’ve made so far and how to get the update.

How to download the update.

From Plugin Boutique:

Please login to your Plugin Boutique account here to download the new installer.

You can find more info about downloading updates from Plugin Boutique here.

From FAW:

If you purchased SubLab directly from our online shop then please login to your FAW account here.

Once you’ve logged in, click on your Downloads tab. From there you can download the latest version of SubLab by clicking the yellow button for Windows or macOS.

Side note: you will see that the ‘downloads’ number goes down when you download the update. Do not worry – you have unlimited SubLab downloads. We reset the downloads limit each time an update is released. If you ever do run out just shoot us an email and we’ll reset it for you any time.

September 13, 2019: Version 1.1.1

1. Import a sample using a pop-up browsing window

We’ve added a new way to import samples into SubLab. As an alternative to drag and drop, you can now open up a pop-up menu to locate and import your samples.

Once your sample is imported it will show up in the ‘Imported’ sample folder.

2. NKS enabled Patch Packs

Now that SubLab is NKS-ready, we want all of our Patch Packs to be NKS-ready too!

All SubLab Patch Packs in our shop are ready to use in Maschine and Komplete.

3. Bug fixes & enhancements

  • removed clicks from attack phase
  • fixed issue with needing to be activated multiple times on same machine
  • update default preset so that legato is turned on by default
  • added resolution setting for the spectrogram to reduce down the amount of painting the graphics card needs to do which caused crackling for some users
  • fixed issue where SubLab VST was causing a crash in Cubase for some users

August 9, 2019: Version 1.1.0

1. Mute & unmute on the mixer

You can now mute / unmute / solo the Sampler, X-Sub, and Synth engines by clicking on their icons on the mixer panel.

This is the number one request from our community forum!

2. Export & import your own Sound Packs

We’ve heard that you want Bass Packs for SubLab. And you want to be able to share and sell your own custom 808 packs.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve added a feature so that you can easily import and export sound packs to sell and share.

In the next week or two we’ll begin launching official SubLab Bass Packs in our shop, but we’re really excited to see beatmakers and sound designers making and selling their own packs too!

Click through to check out our Quick Guide for Exporting and Importing SubLab Sound Packs.

3. Support for Native Instruments NKS hardware

Another popular request – you can now get instant hands-on control of SubLab with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol!

We love the Maschine Mikro 🖤 it’s the perfect sized keyboard for SubLab and for our lives on the go.

4. Bug fixes & enhancements

  • fixed tuning of Sampler when sample rate of the DAW didn’t match the loaded sample
  • new setting allows you to disable of OpenGL rendering of the interface
  • added a setting that allows the envelopes and phase of the oscillators to reset every new note
  • improved tuning of sampler
  • set the default trigger mode to only retrigger on note ons
  • fixed support for 32-bit VST/AU/AAX on macOS
  • fixed support for 10.9 macOS
  • based on feedback, changed the default note/frequency range of X-Sub’s main sub-bass oscillator

If you have any questions about SubLab, head over to our Support Page.

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