SubLab Tutorial Roundup

Our favorite YouTube videos that cover all the features, tips, and quick sound design techniques for SubLab.

Ready to take your 808s and subs to the next level but not sure where to start?

Here’s a roundup of walkthroughs and tutorials for SubLab. Get a detailed breakdown of the sound engines, FX, filter and other features. And, follow along to learn how to design your own sounds from scratch.

We’re also including our own series, SubLab Recreates. See how to recreate 808s from hit tracks step by step.

Let’s go 🚀

Andrew Huang | How to make HUGE 808s!

Probably Andrew Huang doesn’t need any introduction. Here he gives a nice and quick breakdown of SubLab. Andrew mostly uses SubLab’s factory presets or tweaks them, and it’s his go-to for a quick and powerful lowend 🙏

Sean Divine | Design & Mix the Perfect 808

Sean Divine knows SubLab inside and out – he’s been working with us on developing features. And, he’s also a mixing and sound design expert.

So if you want to learn how to design an 808 from scratch and how to mix it to create a perfectly balanced and punchy low-end sound, check out this tutorial.

Ave Mcree | Rundown & tips

Ave gives a great overall rundown of SubLab sprinkled with tips and tricks all the way through.

He ends his video with a request – to add in an export feature so that you can easily export your custom 808s. Good news, our recent SubLab updates have added that feature. Always make sure to keep up with our updates so you don’t miss out on new features!

Also, DJ Ave Mcree dropped his pack of presets and one-shots for SubLab which are inspired by Pierre Bourne. Check his pack out here. Our official SubLab expansion packs are available in our online shop as well.

Sean Divine | Distorted Sub from scratch

In this video, Sean Divine designs a super distorted 808 from scratch in a couple of minutes.

Featured in this video:

  • kick sample with a hi-pass
  • sine wave in the synth engine
  • run the synth through dark drive distortion and crank the distortion all the way up
  • dialing in harmonics with X-Sub
  • maximiser
  • glide

MG the Future | Overview & type beats

MG the Future goes over all the features of SubLab, how to use different features to create type beats and his sound design workflow as he makes a DaBaby type beat.

In this video MG gives an in-depth explanation of:

  • how ADSR works in the SubLab synth engine
  • distortion
  • how to use the compressor and side chain
  • glide

I’m A Music Mogul | Recreating the Spinz808 from scratch

Adam shows us how to create one of the most iconic 808 sounds ever from scratch in SubLab.

Adam uses:

  • triangle wave in the synth engine
  • long release time
  • the synth engine fed through the distortion
  • tube distortion with the drive pulled down
  • factory TR-808 sample
  • maximiser
  • X-Sub harmonics to fatten out the sound

Mr. Different | Overview

Check out Mr. Different’s video for an overview of all the features, demonstrating how they work and what they sound like.

Lit Lords | Make a Filthy Distorted Sub 🤮

Watch Lit Lords make a heavily distorted, tonally harmonic sub sound in SubLab.

Ave Mcree | Making $uicide Boy$/UK Drill 808s

In this video, Ave shows us how to create 808s in the UK Drill / $uicide Boy$ style from scratch.

It’s gritty and it glides ✅

Here’s what Ave does to create the sound:

  • select sin wave in the synth engine
  • adjust ADSR envelopes in synth engine for volume and pitch
  • adjust filter to 100 Hz and 80% resonance
  • bring in x-sub engine
  • use overdrive distortion with the tone and drive cranked up
  • hi-cut and lo-cut the distortion
  • add stereo widening
  • set glide to 1/4 and set curve to 0%

Immersed Production | The Beginner’s Guide to Making Fire 808s

Feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by sound design?

This is an excellent, detailed walkthrough that really gets into the nitty gritty. Learn how to use the ADSR and pitch envelopes, layer the synth engine with a kick sample, use the mixer, FX, and filter to create your own punchy 808s.

Larry Ohh | 2 Minute Walkthrough & Sound Design

This guy knows his 808s and his super fast crash course in SubLab is a great way to get started 🚀

Team ProducerGrind | Sound Design with your own Sample

Check out how to use your own sample to create unique 808s from scratch. Give a new life to your old folders of 808 and kick samples 📂

NINJA | Como fazer seu propio 808

This one’s for all the Portuguese speakers out there! Ninja demonstrates how to create your own 808 from scratch using SubLab.

Muito bom obrigada 🙏

Ave Mcree | Installing SubLab Packs

Ave put together a quick vid showing how you install new SubLab Packs.

Sooo if you picked up one of our SubLab Packs, check it out!

Ave also has his own SubLab expansion packs available on his site.

So that’s it – our favorite SubLab tutorials on YouTube right now! We’re adding more tutorials as they come.

If there are tutorials you’d like to see or techniques you want us to show you in SubLab drop a comment below 👇

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