SubLab Tutorial Roundup

Our five favorite YouTube videos right now that cover all the features, tips, and quick sound design techniques for SubLab.

This past month we’ve gotten some messages asking for links to the best SubLab tutorials on YouTube – so here we go 🤠

Ave Mcree | Rundown & tips

Ave gives a great overall rundown of SubLab sprinkled with tips and tricks all the way through.

He ends his video with a request – to add in an export feature so that you can easily export your custom 808s. It’s on the way Ave! We’ll have the export feature in our first SubLab update which is almost ready.

The export feature will allow you to design your own 808 sound packs and export them to sell or share with people. It also makes it super simple to import new sound packs into SubLab.

Speaking of which, DJ Ave Mcree has dropped the first ever pack of presets and one-shots for SubLab which are inspired by Pierre Bourne. Check his pack out here. We have some dope expansion packs for SubLab coming out very very soon as well 🤐

Sean Divine | Distorted Sub

In this video, Sean Divine designs a super distorted 808 from scratch in a couple of minutes.

Featured in this video:

  • kick sample with a hi-pass
  • sine wave in the synth engine
  • run the synth through dark drive distortion and crank the distortion all the way up
  • dialing in harmonics with X-Sub
  • maximiser
  • glide

MG the Future | Overview & type beats

MG the Future goes over all the features of SubLab, how to use different features to create type beats and his sound design workflow as he makes a Dababy type beat.

In this video MG gives an in-depth explanation of:

  • how ADSR works in the SubLab synth engine
  • distortion
  • how to use the compressor and side chain
  • glide

I’m A Music Mogul | Recreating Spinz808 from scratch

Adam shows us how to create one of the most iconic 808 sounds 👏 ever 👏 from scratch in SubLab.

Adam uses:

  • triangle wave in the synth engine
  • long release time
  • the synth engine fed through the distortion
  • tube distortion with the drive pulled down
  • factory TR-808 sample
  • maximiser
  • X-Sub harmonics to fatten out the sound

Mr. Different | Overview

Mr. Different knows SubLab in and out. Check out his video for an overview of all the features, demonstrating how they work and what they sound like.

So that’s it – our top 5 favorite SubLab tutorials on YouTube right now!

We’ll add more tutorials as they come 🤠

If there are tutorials you’d like to see or techniques you want us to show you in SubLab drop a comment below 👇