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SubLab now fully loaded with 7 additional expertly crafted expansion packs.

Get all the tools you need to sample, layer, widen and distort any kick into a uniquely powerful sub in one plug-in.

For a special bundle price, you can get SubLab fully loaded with 7 additional expertly crafted expansion packs! Hundreds of sub-basses, 808s, and samples to cover all your low-end needs; everything from clean and minimal to the heaviest and most distorted sub sounds.

Plus – you’ll get every future SubLab expansion pack for free.

💡 Please note, this bundle includes the original SubLab synth plus SubLab expansion packs. It does not include SubLab XL.

What you get:

3 x Sound Engines: Sampler, Synth, and X-Sub™

6 x signature Bass Packs: Richie Souf Signature Subs, Hits DNA Vol. 1, Sean Divine Bass, Crushed, and Analog Machines

7 x Expansion Packs: Richie Souf Red, DECAP 808s That Knock, Richie Souf Vol. 2, Hits DNA Vol. 2, Hits DNA Vol. 3, Divine Bass II, and Crushed II.

250 x bonus Kick Samples: We sampled every hard-hitting drum machine we could get our hands on including the original Roland TR-808, Make Noise modules, JoMoX MBase 11, Vermona Mono Lancet ’15 and more…

.          .          .

You’ll receive an activation code and your expansion packs inside your FAW Account instantly. You can use your license on up to three computers at one time. To install the expansion packs, simply download the zip file and follow the instructions.

We’ll notify you about all future expansion pack releases. Each new pack will be added to your FAW Account instantly upon release.

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