City Sounds: Miami



These thick basses, luscious pads and euphoric leads will bring the blissed-out Tropical House vibes anywhere you go.


Miami is known for its international club scene, white beaches and clear waters. This patch pack is full of sounds that are as blissful as sipping a long drink at a beach party ?

Delve into the layered and euphoric sounds of Tropical House to spark a new idea, add that secret sauce, and transform to make entirely your own. Tropical House is a subgenre of Deep House, sharing characteristics with Dancehall, Trance, and Reggaeton. As a hybrid genre drawing inspiration from many other genres, these patches can be useful for Future Bass, Acid House, Latin House, Hip-Hop, Ambient, Trap, Pop bangers, Diva House, Latin House, and more…

All of our patch packs are expertly designed by professional sound designers across the globe and NKS ready for Maschine and Komplete Kontrol. Each patch pack in the City Sounds series is our interpretation of a genre and an invitation to explore and transform.


Deep In The Tropics Demo
Staccato Synth Droplets Demo
Upbeat Flute Lead Demo


  • 12 bass
  • 1 chord
  • 2 keys
  • 12 leads
  • 9 pads
  • 3 plucks
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