City Sounds: Los Angeles



Get your Future Bass fix with these harmonically rich and expertly crafted patches inspired by the sounds of Los Angeles.


Boomboxes on bicycles, DJ’s spinning vinyl in backyard parties, thousands of cars stuck in traffic on the freeway pumping their favorite stations, 24 hour parties in abandoned warehouses…these are the sounds of Los Angeles.

Future Bass is an international, rapidly evolving genre that feels at home in this diverse, constantly changing city. These patches represent pushing boundaries and facing the future loudly, so feel free to adopt and transform them for any genre or project you see fit.

These patches can be useful for Acid House, Vaporwave, Trip hop, Breakcore, Digital hardcore, Hip-Hop, Neurohop, Trap, Pop bangers, Diva House, and more…

All of our patch packs are expertly designed by professional sound designers across the globe and NKS ready for Maschine and Komplete Kontrol. Each patch pack in the City Sounds series is our interpretation of a genre and an invitation to explore and transform.


Emotive Leads, Chords and Bass Demo
Euphoric Supersaw Medley Demo


  • 1 arp
  • 5 bass
  • 3 chords
  • 4 FX
  • 14 leads
  • 4 pads
  • 8 plucks
  • 1 seqs
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